My name is Matthew Ball and I was born in London, England. In 2002 I moved to Canada with my wife and in 2010, we decided to divorce. It hit me hard. I fell apart and I hit rock bottom quickly. Outside of going through the legal process of getting divorced, I looked everywhere for inspiration and guidance to help me through the emotional journey. I found nothing that I could relate to. All I was looking for was something or someone that would help guide me out of those dark places and show me how I could create a new life for myself; one that I was passionate about and motivated to live by each and every day!

I remember the day so clearly when I made the decision to get my sh*t together. It was early morning back in mid 2010, I had no slept the night before and I was planning on spending the day locked up in my bedroom in bed. I had no motivation or energy to do anything. I was an absolute mess and I was balling my eyes out under my duvet cover so that the kids could not hear me. Then there was a knock at my door and my 2 babies came in to say good morning, both carrying drawings they had made for me. Ruby gave me hers first - it was a colourful butterfly. Sadies was a piece of paper that said “I’m so glad to have a funny dad Matt. You are stroig”.

The gift from my girls that saved my life!

The gift from my girls that saved my life!

In that moment, something inside of me changed. It’s hard to describe or even explain what it was but I just cried. I hugged my babies and I cried. They were too young to understand what was going on but they held me tight. After they left my room, I got out of my bed, looked at myself in the mirror and said to myself “I am strong! I am going to get through this and when I do, I am going to dedicated part of my life helping others, showing them how they to can recreate a life they are passionate about”.

Since 2012, I have coached hundreds of men and women across the globe, helping them handle the emotional stress that divorce can bring and show them how they can recreate not just themselves, but a life they are passionate about.

She’s Gone Move On is my way of giving to those that need help and inspiration. My goal is for the website and book (which will be out in 2019) is to help Inspire men who have been affected by divorce, to move forward and live a great life!

Remember, you have your whole life ahead of you. Start living it now!

Matthew Ball

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